01: First Entry

Hello, welcome to Capricious Pause.

My name is Caprice Pause and I plan to use this web space as my own personal artist’s journal and draft space, as well as a means by which to showcase my finished works within a portfolio (coming soon).

I intend for Capricious Pause to become the space for the curatorial selections of my pseudo aimless meanderings.

As I am just beginning this project, I will include a short list of themes and topics that interest me, stay tuned for them to be fleshed out!

  • Zines & Zine-making
  • Novel: Prose – projects
  • Found Caprices
  • Mixtapes – from the vault
  • Gender fluidity
  • Poetics of Space
  • Staying Green – Environmentalism
  • Analog photos
  • Visits to the Art Gallery
  • What I’m reading
  • and so on…

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