03: A Ghost Each Place I Hide

what do you see?
A Little Bit Closer

My method of analog photography places the focus on chance as I largely attempt to create double exposures or split shots with my toy camera: Diana F+. As photography captures moments, I endeavor to overlap moments in frame, or to create a composition that otherwise would not have existed in reality therefore complicating the concept of a singular time in a filmic frame.

Memory often feels like it is overlapping as we search our minds for moments passed, they all seem to stack up in layers in my mind, and so I explore time and memory through photography and in a sense I look to accrue as many moments in a single frame as I possibly can.

In the above image, I am certain that I did not take a photograph at all, instead this is a splash from the developer, (I think), or some exposed film when I was loading the camera, as it may have been nearest to the end of the roll, so it may be merely an “imperfection”. I have included it here today because it embodies yet another chance in film, the dark room, and the surprise of finding beauty within sections others may have throw away having been unable to discern what we are looking at.

So, what do you see?

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