08: They Sound Unfounded

They Sound Unfounded

Forward lines form fragile frames, 
the opaque glass takes its place
amidst the rigid lace,
of the network’s claims. 
Perceived safety in a seized system,
reliance on binary is a symptom
of a desire to minimize difference, 
no longer willful ignorance. 
Rusted, refusing change, 
this window’s hinge,
never opened to beyond, 
though the glass has two sides,
one resides
expectation dictates assumptions,
only zeroes. 

Unchanging window, ­­­
allows for a view
of the space between me
and you.
Still windowsill, 
confined gridlock of pane, 
I am within,
without you
to frame. 

No kaleidoscopes, 
just forbidden rainbows,
stay in the lines,
unless one desires 
the margins. 

The multiple choices are two, 
we learn merely opposites attract, 
safe attention, 
safe applause. 

Duplicates are not truth. 
Repetition is a false solace. 

Dualities erase more 
than they create. 

Who are you 
if I cannot be 
Written by Caprice Pause, 2021. 

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