011: 20 Minute Mixtape

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20 Minute Mixtape

Today I made you a Mixtape…

So, I have been making a habit of listening to a five-song mixtape/playlist to get myself pumped up for my day. Sometimes when a jumpstart is required mid-day, this is the list I populate to afford me a mental break. This is the shortest playlist I have ever made. It is strictly five tracks so that it can be finished easily, no looking for tracks, no skipping tracks, and no distractions. It is my go-to rock out list and I set aside the time to listen to the entire list, and by the time it is wrapping up I’m having the best time again.

I will share the playlist with you here. Now, I encourage all of you to create a five-track music playlist to get you ready for the tasks ahead, or to take your mind off what ails you. All you need is a short playlist that will always inspire you and assist you in shaking out those sillies!

Tracks are subject to change, so I am going to list them here as well. Later we can chart those shifts in what inspires me as what I am listening to evolves. Here is the playlist:

Those 5 Tracks

  • St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”
  • Lo Tom – “Overboard”
  • Land of Talk – “Macabre”
  • Glass Animals – “Pork Soda”
  • Puscifer – “Grey Area”

Now, these tracks may not be your definition of uplifting. I tend to lean toward music that tugs at my heartstrings. Sometimes it just has that Emo sound I am so fond of. So, if you enjoy these songs, awesome, if not, please make some suggestions, or share your five-song list in the comments section. Also, you can add my list Those 5 Tracks to your YouTube Music Library.

By creating a short playlist, it injects a Capricious Pause into my daily rhythm, my brain can wander, my heart can feel, and I can dance around. In addition, the tracks allow me to disrupt my attention and often inspires me to take a new direction. So, if you need to shake things up, I would recommend a short playlist to get the party started.

Now, find your anthems, your entrance songs, and your victory dances. What songs are on your playlist?

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