025: Oily Slur

Illusory H/Wealth

What concern could we have for
compressed carcasses of creature’s past
if we can barely recognize our own demise
before our eyes?

The congealed skin bags,
murky with brittle bones
and archaic foliage fuel
the resistance to greener values. 

The rot of the Mesozoic
keeps our lights alive,
keeps the engine running, 
compressed and oppressed,  
it keeps us up at night. 

The great decay gives life to
this cyclic existence,
but the circle has been broken, 
by profiteers that would
employ death to fill their pockets. 

Instead of a life of reciprocation, 
we wait for promises to coalesce into action,
we wait to ask permission to choose another option,
but there is none, 
when progress is handcuffed to revenue.   

Now we see extreme weather sports
on national television, the surf is paramount
at the height of hurricane season. 

Our hands are greasy, as
the water is a slick rainbow,
bending like the expectations
of a generation
forced to give up their dreams
of living. 

These oil tycoons have engaged in 
a dangerous game
and though they knew the costs 
to the environment,
they did not anticipate
that the Earth is playing for keeps, 
and it will not wait for money to move,
it will not wait for your morality to wake up,  
it will not stop weathering society
until every human being
is reduced and rotting,
enabling the cycle
once again. 

Who will profit 
from your bones?

Dead leaves cover the ground.
Autumn leaves

Yesterday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came out with their report on Climate Change and it has got me pondering. If you want to read the full report, you can read it here on the IPCC website.

Now, what can we do?

Overall, we can affect change at the local level most immediately, we can reduce our individual carbon footprint by assessing our purchases, only buying what is necessary, and keeping single use plastic use to an absolute minimum. The “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra is a great place to start, but have you noticed that we are not reducing our consumption as much, instead relying on other people to reuse our goods, or relying on other companies to recycle our single use plastics?

At this time, I believe we must reduce our overall consumption if we are to turn things around. The Earth cannot become a consumerist dumping ground, unable to sustain life. It starts with small changes of not purchasing, and soon the corporations will have to change their strategy. The system needs our money to function, so keep your dollars for yourself, live green all day, and watch the oil and gas industry get choked out by our lack of participation.

Thank you all for stopping by. I appreciate your readership.

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