Hello, my name is Caprice Pause (They/Them) and I appreciate you visiting my website.

Capricious Pause began as a catchall for my artistic musings, including poetry, analog photography, collage, prose and mixed media art, and it is ever evolving.

Additionally, I have always worn my heart on my sleeve, and I endeavor to create work that inspires the viewer or reader to take a pause, capricious or not, and in that moment adjust the aperture, focus, and snap to a new judgement or way of perceiving the world. Overall, I hope to open up the conversation around marginalised peoples, equality, and human rights through my own response to the world.

As a UBC Alumni, I am influenced by my studies in English Literature and Art History, both with a focus on Canadian artistry and history. I am passionate about topics such as psychogeography, gender, sexuality, Indigenous sovereignty, spatial poetics, archives, the index, chance, liminal spaces, and so much more.

Our past is not perfect, but I believe that our future is bright.

Won’t you join me in my effort to shake up the habitual, and take a Capricious Pause with me?