A Place to Hide Stepping off the pavement into parked grass, a shortcut, past the ball fields, behind obedient hedges, I jump the ditch, you walk the plank, we enter adjacent property: the cornfield. Twisting bodies, bending corn, we sink into the green. Our shadows fall off. Ahead, a spot where the kernels didn’t take, […]

What is there to celebrate? My memories of Canada Day have been in red and white. My family and I, or perhaps only my cousin and I, would attend a brief ceremony with that song and some cake, the national anthem sung with comrades awaiting the sugar rush, and then we would disperse and go […]

I got accepted into UBC’s iSchool and will be joining the MLIS program in the fall. This adventure is going to be amazing. I cannot wait to get back onto campus and learn the inner workings of the library. Woohoo!! Let the studying begin!

Adrift Drifting away from this blank space sometimes is too easy. The good news is that I have been taking good care of myself and I am merely distracted by work, appointments, and self care rituals which have become commonplace in my life these last six months or so. My bookish yearnings keep me going, […]

Found Caprice I stumbled upon a caprice in A Philosophy of Walking by Frederic Gros. The book illuminates how many great thinkers and philosophers utilized walking for their thought process and for enriching their lives. “A student who regularly attended [Kant’s] lectures had always had a button missing from his jacket. One day he turned […]

A New Chapter Well. I am hopeful for a new chapter. I have officially applied to graduate school beginning in the fall. I have applied to the master’s in Library and Information Studies program at UBC. I am energized and really excited by the prospect of returning to school, especially after such a long time […]